• What is an Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital?
      February 28, 2013

      Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals (IRFs) are for individuals who have been impaired by an injury or illness and are considered by their doctors to be medically stable and physically able to begin a rehabilitation program consisting of at least three hours of therapy, five days a week.

      Patients admitted to Kindred Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals benefit from specialized rehabilitation for medical needs that prevent them from being able to proceed to a lower level of care such as a nursing center (nursing home) or to home or home health care. All therapy programs are customized to the individual patient’s abilities, tolerance for therapy and goals.

      Kindred offers programs specifically tailored to patients with brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury and lower extremity amputation. Focus is placed on:

      • Maximizing overall mobility, health and independence
      • Safely performing activities of daily living
      • Communication through speaking and writing
      • Swallowing
      • Memory and judgment
      • Speech and language
      • Balance and coordination
      • Walking/ using a wheelchair safely
      • Transferring to/ from different surfaces
      • Caring for the residual limb
      • Using an artificial limb (prosthesis)
      • Teaching adapted activities of daily living
      • Managing bowel and bladder control
      • Addressing social issues
      • Psychological adjustment
      • Promoting a positive self-image

      Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals differ from skilled nursing facilities because patients at IRFs must be able to tolerate more daily therapy, and IRF patients generally require access to 24-hour skilled nursing and more physician involvement in care. Your doctor, in partnership with a Kindred case manager, can help you decide if IRF-level care is appropriate for you or your family member.

      Watch the short video below to see a patient success story from a Kindred Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital.

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